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The journey of a Little Glass House Café Salad begins high in the farming hills above Mae Rim where rich soil meets just the right temperatures for growing. There, Chanida and Chef Boy work with local growers to bring the freshest and tastiest mix of lettuces, vegetables, and herbs to the restaurant’s kitchen, and ultimately to your table.

Fresh from Our Growers to Your Table | Little Glass House Café
Fresh from the Growers to Your Table – Chef Boy and Chanida selecting the tastiest lettuces and vegetables at Green Garden Farms | Little Glass House Café

Before work even begins in the kitchen, every dish served at the Little Glass House Café starts with carefully selected ingredients. The Little Glass House Café ‘House’ Salad is no exception with the choicest blends, care and preparation that goes into it. 

Chef Boy selecting fresh, plump figs for your next House Salad | Little Glass House Café
Chef Boy selecting fresh, plump figs for your next salad | Little Glass House Café

A main source for our restaurant’s popular Little Glass House Café Salad, as well as ingredients in other dishes served, is Green Garden Farms.  These growers are well-known throughout Thailand for their extensive hands-on knowledge, quality, and care in all their farm’s produce.

Green Garden growers with Chanida and Chef Boy | Little Glass House Café
Green Garden growers Soontorn Ruttanasook and Pamela Phakaya with Chanida Nilklad and Chef Boy | Little Glass House Café

On the latest visit, Chef Boy and Chanida sampled the farm’s fresh crop of sorrel, fennel, Mexican tomatillo and traditional heirloom tomatoes, fairy tale eggplant, and more. What farm-fresh taste treats to enjoy, and one could almost see Chef Boy’s recipe wheels turning.

Chef Boy's Little Glass House Salad | Little Glass House Café
Chef Boy’s Little Glass House Salad is built on the freshest and tastiest lettuces, vegetables, and fruits | Little Glass House Café

The Little Glass House Salad has a base of select mixed green leaf and red leaf lettuce. It’s followed by a medley of fancy tomatoes, locally hand-picked figs, juicy pears, seasonal berries, Chef Boy’s candied walnuts, and topped off with rich Gorgonzola cheese.  Finally, the chef’s special raspberry vinaigrette dressing enhances this festival of freshness and flavors.

Absolutely the best restaurant in Chiangmai! Great atmosphere, really well priced, and beautifully prepared by their 5 star chef. Definitely try the gnocchi with grilled chicken, the Moroccan lamb tagine, the sea bass and the pork ribs. Pair with the special Glass House Salad and a glass of wine from their excellent wine list! An evening to remember!

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Yes, we always love to hear what our customers have to say after dining with us. The café’s 5-star reviews often mention the Little Glass House Salad as one of the dining highlights.

So, give our Little Glass House Salad a try on your next visit to our restaurant. It’s on our menu, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

Little Glass House Café House Salad

 See You Soon and Happy Dining!

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