Hard To Believe Our Café Opened Just One Year Ago

by | Sep 15, 2022 | News

It was early 2021 when Chanida Nilklad decided to put her passion for all things food back to work. As Chanida already had experience on the service side at restaurants in California, opening a unique Northern Thailand eatery was in her sights.

Her new restaurant concept would be simple but by no means easy. Combine the freshest ingredients with traditional and modern recipes and served with consistent attention to quality in a relaxing ‘away from it all’ atmosphere. And so, the idea behind the Little Glass House Café was born.

As she already lived in the Hang Dong hills of Chiang Mai, the country setting seemed well-suited for her new restaurant. For the past year Chanida had her eye on an ideal location nestled amidst the trees along on the Samoeng road, and it luckily came on the market at just the right time. Located just three kilometers from the Canal Road, the restaurant was easy to get to from Chiang Mai’s city center yet one would feel world’s away on its country lane.

Little Glass House Café road sign goes up!
Chanida Nilklad and Chef Boy are happy to see the new Little Glass House Café road sign going up!

Known as ‘Chef Boy’ in restaurant circles, Noppadol Kanjanasapa had made his mark in some of the finest 5-star restaurants and hotel kitchens throughout Thailand, including the renowned Casablanca restaurant at Villa Maroc in Pranburi, Dusit Thani’s San Marco Italian Cuisine in Hua Hin, and The Terraces at Chiang Mai’s Four Seasons Resort.

Continuing to focus his culinary talents in creating French, Italian, and Mediterranean dishes, he met Chanida through a small circle of restauranteurs and was excited to join in her new café concept. Chef Boy found his new home at the Little Glass House Café, along with a kitchen to call his own.

Working closely together to leverage each other’s passion and expertise in the food they would serve, they created a classic yet varied menu matched with a reasonably priced wine list complementing each dish to please western tastes. Selecting both local and imported meats, fish, and poultry, as well as vegetables and greens sourced from quality-driven growers such as the Green Garden farm high in the hills of Mae Rim, their restaurant was ready to launch.

Attention to Detail in The Kitchen | Little Glass House Café
Chef Boy and Chanida Nilklad in their kitchen at the Little Glass House Café

In addition to the regular menu, the restaurant would feature delightfully delicious weekly specials from around the globe including Moroccan chicken and lamb tagines, Australian Angus Beef Tenderloin, Linguini with Anchovy Butter Sauce, hearty Marseilles-style Bouillabaisse, Duck Confit, and rich Truffled Risotto with Grilled Mushrooms just to name a few.

Combining the freshest ingredients with traditional and modern French, Italian, and Mediterranean recipes and served with consistent attention to quality in a relaxing ‘away from it all’ atmosphere.

The Little Glass House Café, Chiang Mai Thailand

The doors to the Little Glass House Café opened on September 15, 2021. Slowly but surely the word got around among Chiang Mai locals about the quality of the dishes, the friendly service, and convenient location. Keeping the size of the restaurant small, Chanida and Chef Boy have been able to ensure both the quality of what came out from the kitchen as well as the customer experience each guest received. After all, it would all come down to the customer, especially repeat customers, expecting a good overall dining experience. As the word of mouth continued to spread, along with positive customer reviews attesting to both the food and service, the café was well on its way in joining the list of restaurants serving quality western fare that Chiang Mai has to offer.

As we celebrate our one-year anniversary, we look forward to serving you at Little Glass House Café .

See You Soon and Happy Dining!

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