It’s Almost Like Having Your Own Personal Chef

by | Jul 8, 2023 | Food Trends, News

Meet Chef Noppadol Kanjanasapa, known as “Chef Boy” in restaurant circles, the Executive Chef at our Little Glass House Café. With Chef Boy preparing one of your favorite café dishes in his kitchen, it’s almost like having your own personal chef.

With more than twenty years of culinary experience, Boy honed his skills working as an apprentice and sous-chef at renowned 5-star restaurants and hotels, learning from some of the best in the industry.

Through years of training and passion, Chef Boy has mastered some of the best-kept secrets in French, Italian, and Mediterranean cooking.

Little Glass House Café

Very hands on, he takes great pride in all aspects of food preparation, and oversees and approves every dish that leaves his kitchen for our dining room.

With Executive Chef Boy It's Almost Like Having Your Own Personal Chef | Little Glass House Café
Executive Chef Boy – experience, dedication and “shirt sleeves rolled up” passion. Little Glass House Café

Through years of training and passion, he has mastered some of the best-kept secrets in French, Italian, and Mediterranean cooking. He handpicks the freshest ingredients and uses just the right balance of herbs and spices. It’s evident in the flavors and presentation of every we dish serve at the Little Glass House Café.

Shrimp Gambas | Little Glass House Café
Shrimp Gambas, a favorite on our Starter Menu. A delightful blend of garlic and shrimp, extra virgin olive oil, dried chili, & lemon grind. | Little Glass House Café

Under his watchful eye every dish is a testament to his passion, whether it’s one of our tempting appetizers, such as our Shrimp Gambas or Homemade Pita Bread with Moroccan Dipping Sauces, a traditional French Bouillabaisse on the specials board, authentic handmade Italian Gnocchi, or our pan-seared Sea Bass filet. Our guests have come to expect a fine, yet relaxed, dining experience which showcases our food, good service, and the cafe’s easy-going ambiance.

Pan-Seared Sea Bass | Little Glass House Café
Chef Boy’s pan-seared Sea Bass filet is served with grilled zucchini, lemon butter sauce and rice pilaf. Or, try it with clam in white wine, served with seasonal sauté vegetables – both are on our menu. | Little Glass House Café

So, on your next visit to the Little Glass House Café say “hello” to the chef. We hope you’ll agree, each dish is thoughtfully crafted and beautifully executed, combining flavors, textures, and visual appeal, all in perfect harmony. In the meantime, take an look at what’s on the menu before your next visit.

Executive Chef Boy | Little Glass House Café
Let Chef Boy prepare your café favorite dish | Little Glass House Café

As we’re a little café and Chef Boy prepares every dish, reservations are recommended.

See You Soon and Happy Dining!

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